verb cap·ti·vate \ˈkap-tə-ˌvāt\ : to hold attention by irresistible appeal.
We believe God is a captivating God.  For your entire life, God has been drawing you to Himself.  Every life has a story and every story has an author.  In your story, there have been good days and bad days.  We believe God is not finished writing your story and we invite you to join us as we live out our stories together.  Welcome to Captivate.

Founded in Baltimore, MD in the fall of 2009, Captivate Church is focused on bringing life by connecting people to God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that God is real, alive and active. We believe that while everyone falls short of God’s perfect standard of holiness, Jesus Christ came to live a perfect life and die a voluntary death on the cross. We believe this atoning sacrifice makes way for anyone who trusts in Him to have new life both now and forever with God in Heaven. This simple message of the gospel is what we celebrate in our weekly services, through our missions efforts, and in our time with one another.

People are broken, God is a great healer, and you are invited. The invitation is for you to find a home here with Captivate and most importantly, with God. With Captivate you can come as you and leave your preconceptions at the door. We are a very real place of healing, grace and forgiveness and we are prayerfully waiting for you to join us.

God knows you, loves you and has a plan for your life. We pray that part of your life’s plan is to lock arms with us as we seek His good for your life and for the life of our city.